The most vital profits of using silicone render for creating the exterior of a structure

przez | 9 lipca 2021
When making the exterior of a structure, we have a selection of many types, colors and qualities of exterior plaster. The accurate selection of plaster for the front is very important, because it has an enormous impact on the imminent look of the building and its design.

The exterior is the showcase of the building, but it is as well of great importance for the house to match its district.
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Silicone render is MENt to be a first-rate product and it is commonly recommended for building front. It is hydrophobic, that means that water will not infiltrate into its layer, but should directly flow down, what establishes the silicone render generally immune to impurities. The water will easily wash off every kind of pollution. Thanks to that, once the façade is completed, it is supposed to last for decades, and its coloration will not be damaged. In addition, it is resistant to the growth of fungus and algae – more and more producers are adding biologically active substances to their silicone plasters. This is particularly important on the northern parts, where the humidity is greatest and as well if we are building a building in the immediate proximity of, for example, a forest. It as well preserves from cervices, which could by provoked by large temperature differences, while settling a new structure or because of structural faults.

In addition, silicone render has a very good resistance to injuries and impact. Another advantage is the availability of any coloring, because it has a choice of colors that will please even the most critical customers.