How to renew the antique wooden doors so that they match the rest of the building?

przez | 9 lipca 2021
Wooden home doors in antique residences or townhouses often pop out from freshly renoVATed inner walls, distinguishing themselves long ago with yellowish oil varnish.


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Autor: Joseph Bremson
Moreover, there are often crevices around the door frame, and the door leaf strokes, which have been struck for a long time, have spotty scratches, marks or cavities. If you do not have the occasion or the desire for a total facelift, linked to the door substitution, it is the time to refurbish the aged wooden entrances or panels.

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Renovation of wooden entrances most often requests removal of the old varnish coating. Paling, spotty top of oil varnish will not adopt a correct new final layer. Exist many methods of removing oil paint. These services, such as sandblasting or scorching with an electric furnace can be ordered from qualified companies. Slips or cracks appeared in the door will vanish in a simple way, you mask it with putty. You are supposed to only start grinding after full cure, which can last from couple of hours to one day, depending on the products applied and the depth of the defects.

Niedawno została przygotowana nowa, bardzo interesująca oferta – by ją ujrzeć, kliknij tu i spójrz na witrynę ( a z pewnością się nie zawiedziesz.

For sanding doors you can employ sandpaper, nonetheless in angles, for example for sheening it will be more handy to use abrasive sponge. Use the pack that comes with the paper – it should be quicker and simpler to level the wooden surface. After replacing the aged oil paint covering, you will have nearly raw wood or wood-based board.

Nevertheless, since it is an old surface, it will be good to coat it with coloring preparation, not wood lacquer, for instance. The door after such a renewal is suitable for relocating in hinges.