An interesting style in modern outdoor art.

przez | 9 lipca 2021
The art society is searchinglooking for a new method of expression. Modern artists have created a lot of interesting works and installations, many of them are simple unitelligible for an ordinary spectator, nevertheless there is an interesting new stream in art – outdoor art and murals.Artists have created paintings on walls even many ycentures ago (for example there are very interesting and beautiful pictures in caves in the west Europe). Today most of all we have got outdoor graffiti (pictures and words painted with colour), but lots of them are nothing more but vandalism, however some have got a huge artistic meaning.



From this kind of street art stream accured Banksy and recreated our view of the outdoor art. Murals, created by Banksy, are easy and hard simultaneously, but first of all they are clear not only for the art critics but as well for average people. That is one of many reasons wy he is so popular. Plenty of nowadays artists was facinated by Banksy’s makings and in the last few years murals have become a part of exhibitions in galleries. What is interesting murals have icreased to a part of an intersting indoor style to. Not only museum buildings and art galleries have got murals, they are also a desing of hospitals, offices and homes, and so in the railway stations buildings we may have got murals world maps or travel maps and in dining room we have got murals, in homes the main theme for murals can be the forest, murals sunsets for example like this: demural UK as well look great.

maps of the world


The person who create mural have to be very gifted and accurate during painting murals world maps – may be very hard to show in the way that we want (every detail can have got significant meaning). During painting sunsets the person have to notice all elements of the working, because it can in the short time become not a mural with sunsets, but murals sunsets for his future (the end of his career). To concluded – on the one hand this kind of art are a part of indoor art and they should be shown on walls, streets, houses, on the other hand murals are created to carry a particular meaning so they may be painted inside buildings, in spaces which are visited by a large number of people who can seat there and think for a moment about life, civilisation and art.